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Link To It!, the uncensored news portal, just started in mid-2015. It has no marketing budget. The idea of this domain isn't about entertainment or selling anything, or some particular subject nor 1 guy marketing some website.

It is more like a tunnel project, for us all to find a way out of the state media matrix and to free our minds and fix our biggest of problems.

That's only how the first half dozen people were personally invited over here. Hopefully you came in from one of their recommendations, or one of their decendent recommendations.

This is the only way it is going to work, the only way that can possibly help restore sanity to our society before it may be too late. Matt Drudge is unlikley to unveil everything, he has shyed away from revealing the full truth of many things; he appears just in it for current day sensationalism. He knows, surely he has been presented with the biggest of real issues, already.

Link To It! obviously has a huge purpose as we find ourselves totally under a state run media that is forcing, in unison, a formation of all our opinions through the television and their teleprompters; like presented in the book 1984.

However it is two decades beyond 1984! It's been here for many years.
It is so creepy! So everyone out there, are we just going to stay under its spell or are we going to each take some responsibility in trying to fix it? There are some examples of honest reporting on youtube, but it is rare.

So please simply open Link To It! every day before going to just one news channel, whether it be Drudge or any other channel.

All the time try to think up ways to help make Link To It! popular to help us all better understand what is going on these days... through your facebook contacts or however ... or the people in power over us will only have increased contempt for us, keep lying to us and screwing with our minds, keep enslaving all of us, and keep abusing us individually or as a whole more frequently. Please leave your comments on the discussion thread to the left, everyone would like to see your thoughts there, me too, Eric J. Rainbolt.


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