Ron Paul: Cruz Not a Libertarian, He’s Owned by Goldman Sachs twitter  fc

The Ground Under Clinton Continues to Crumble twitter  fc

Your Television Is Programming You With Propoganda twitter  fc


Hillary Resists Releasing Transcripts From GOLDMAN SACHS Speeches... twitter  fc

Clintons earned $153M over 14 years... twitter  fc

6.4 MAG QUAKE STRIKES TAIWAN... twitter  fc

UPDATE: Crane crashes in Manhattan... twitter  fc

CARS SMASHED, DEATH... twitter  fc

UPDATE: Drone Hits Empire State... twitter  fc

40TH FLOOR... twitter  fc

Neuroscientists Aim to Preserve Brain For Future REVIVAL... twitter  fc


UK wants authority to serve warrants in USA... twitter  fc

Japan volcano erupts near nuclear power plant... twitter  fc

Taxi drivers see 'ghosts' after tsunami... twitter  fc

Sex toys of future: Talking dolls with personality 'perfect lover'... twitter  fc


WEEKEND: NKorea ready to launch rocket by Super Bowl kickoff... twitter  fc

BIGGEST GAME: Manning's Last Stand? twitter  fc

Bye-bye Internet bubble 2.0... twitter  fc

Tech-stock wreck destroys $514B this year... twitter  fc

Chicago Exchange Being Sold to Chinese... twitter  fc

Sluggish jobs report raises questions about direction of economy... twitter  fc

'Full employment?' Supposed to feel better than this... twitter  fc

Iowa margin shifts as errors found... twitter  fc



BIDEN WATCHING... twitter  fc

Young Women Offended Clinton Using Gender as Weapon... twitter  fc

Sanders supporters banned from TINDER after campaigning on app... twitter  fc

Zika found in saliva, urine... twitter  fc

Athletes weigh gold dreams against disease fears... twitter  fc


REUTERS ROLLING: TRUMP 39.2%, CRUZ 16.9%, RUBIO 12.6%... MORE... twitter  fc

Saturday debate could swing close race... twitter  fc

Rubio under attack as primary race heats up... twitter  fc

SCRIPTED: Exact same speech, jokes, quips... twitter  fc

VIVA LAS VEGAS: Adelson Paper Endorses... twitter  fc

RON PAUL RIPS CRUZ... twitter  fc

Police Investigating Nude Photo Scandal At Middle School... twitter  fc

Students declare 'Fight Week' as brawls break out... twitter  fc

Millennials dying hair gray for more mature look... twitter  fc

Falling out of love with FACEBOOK... twitter  fc

Rich Already Using Robo-Advisers; Scares Banks... twitter  fc

EQUAL: Bill Requiring Women to Register for Draft Introduced... twitter  fc

One of 1st Army combat engineer recruits a 'deserter'... twitter  fc

New blood test to spot five deadly cancers... twitter  fc


FOR IPAD... twitter  fc

Highest EU Court Considers Criminalizing Website Hyperlinks twitter  fc

‘Terror Has Arrived’: Official Calls For San Bernardino Employees To Be Armed twitter  fc

Why Obama Won’t Dare Indict Hillary twitter  fc

Insider Reveals How Trump Can Beat Hillary! twitter  fc

Police brutality plagues all races twitter  fc

Wrongful death suit alleges Big Island police brutality twitter  fc

The World Just Got Another Step Closer to Creating GMO Humans twitter  fc

Monsanto Sues California to Keep Round Up Off Carcinogen List twitter  fc

It’s Not All in Your Head twitter  fc

10-Year-Old Boy Brutally Raped By Iraqi Migrant at Pool in Vienna twitter  fc

Ron Paul: Cruz Not a Libertarian, He’s Owned by Goldman Sachs twitter  fc

List of Withheld JFK Assassination Documents twitter  fc

Half a Million Fewer Native-Born Americans Had Jobs in January twitter  fc

Ted Cruz’s Ties To Bush Family Revealed twitter  fc

Saudis ‘Reduce’ Man’s Sentence from Beheading to 800 Lashes for Writing Love Poems twitter  fc

Boko Haram burns kids alive in Nigeria, 86 dead: officials twitter  fc

Black Unemployment 8.8%, More Than Double White Unemployment, 4.3% twitter  fc

Open Source: Now Colin Powell Revealed to Send Secrets Over Personal Email twitter  fc

Oil market spiral threatens to prick global debt bubble, warns BIS twitter  fc

Poland’s New Surveillance Law Is Latest Controversial Legislation Passed By Law And Justice Party twitter  fc

Ron Paul: Cruz ‘owned by Goldman Sachs’ twitter  fc

Did Hillary Lie About Her Iraq War Vote? twitter  fc

Paris Attacker Admits Using Refugee Crisis To Enter France twitter  fc

First Research Links California Quakes To Oil Operations twitter  fc

Proof Obama Is An Anti-Christian President! twitter  fc

The Ground Under Clinton Continues to Crumble twitter  fc

Washington Post Op-Ed Calls for “Safe Zones” in Syria twitter  fc

UK Wants Authority to Serve Warrants in U.S. twitter  fc

Citi Warns: World Economy Trapped in ‘death spiral’ twitter  fc

Debate: D’Souza Faces Off With Bill Ayers On American Exceptionalism twitter  fc

Your Television Is Programming You With Propoganda twitter  fc

Documents: Obama Has Spent $74 million In Taxpayer Dollars On Holidays twitter  fc

Border Meltdown Predicted By Infowars Years Ago twitter  fc

Utah Fusion Center Warns Police About “Disaffected Individuals” Traveling Through State to Attend LeVoy Finicum Funeral twitter  fc

Bernie Sanders is The 1% twitter  fc

Is The European Migrant Crisis Leading To War? twitter  fc

Bernie Sanders Claims Socialism Stole His Hard Work twitter  fc

Six Dead Following Mass Stabbing in Chicago twitter  fc

Visible from space: Burning 9-story-high landfill covers Mumbai with toxic fumes twitter  fc

Drone Hits Empire State Building: NYPD twitter  fc

Journalist’s Under Attack For Exposing Illegal Activity twitter  fc

NZ Minister Gets Dildo in Face After TPP Signing (VIDEO) twitter  fc

“Global Warming” : NH Voters Face Cold, Snowy Weather twitter  fc

New ‘Johnny Cash’ Tarantula Uproots Spider Family Tree twitter  fc

Conn. Governor Critical of Town Considering Arming Teachers twitter  fc

2 NYPD Officers Shot In The Bronx, 1 Suspect Dead twitter  fc

Obama Setting Up An Invasion Haven twitter  fc

Black Senator Invites African Americans Off The Democrat Plantation twitter  fc

The Truth About Politics twitter  fc

Code 291: Swedish Police Cover-Up Thousands of Crimes Involving “Refugees” twitter  fc

The American Dream Is Dead, And Now Even The Mainstream Media Is Starting To Admit It twitter  fc

SWEDEN: ISIS Flag and “Pray to Allah” Threat Painted on School Wall twitter  fc

Nancy Pelosi Invokes ‘The Prophet Muhammad’ At National Prayer Breakfast twitter  fc

German Spy Chief: ISIS Is Sending Terrorists To Europe Disguised As Refugees twitter  fc

‘Multicultural Toilets’ For ‘Global Defecation’ Seek To Stop Migrants Pooping On The Floor twitter  fc

Chicago Seminary Urges Students To Wear ‘White Privilege Glasses’ twitter  fc

Did Cruz Steal The Iowa Caucus? twitter  fc

The #1 Threat To Humanity twitter  fc

Bernie Sanders Statement On Hillary Stealing Iowa Caucus twitter  fc

Saudi Arabia Ready to Send Ground Troops into Syria twitter  fc

Congress Wants To Turn The US Postal Service… Into A Bank twitter  fc

Bernie Sanders Statement On Hillary Stealing Iowa Caucus twitter  fc

McDonalds Teetering On The Brink Of Financial Collapse twitter  fc

Texas Governor Prepares Infectious Disease Task Force Amid Zika Virus Arrival twitter  fc

After Bill & Melinda Gates Tinker With Zika, It Gets Worse! twitter  fc

Hillary Clinton on Why She Accepted $675,000 for Wall Street Speeches: ‘That’s what they offered’ twitter  fc

Rand Paul Suspends Presidential Race twitter  fc

Ammon Bundy, other armed protesters at Oregon wildlife refuge, indicted twitter  fc

$19 Trillion and Counting: The Dangers of Unlimited Debt twitter  fc

McDonald’s Just Came Out with a “Healthy” Kale Salad, But there’s just one Problem twitter  fc

Canadian Fruit Growers Say NO to Genetically Modified ‘Arctic Apples’ twitter  fc

Obama Urges Congress to Approve TPP ‘This Year’ twitter  fc

Disclosure: TSA Cannot Verify Employees’ Criminal Histories twitter  fc

Marco Rubio Is The Elite’s Chosen One twitter  fc

Elbert Guillory: “Why I Am a Republican” twitter  fc

Judge Makes Government Pay Legal Fees to Store Owner Whose $107,700 Was Seized by the IRS twitter  fc

Lawmaker Says He’s ‘Never Read Anything That’s More Sensitive’ Than Information In Hillary’s ‘Top Secret’ Emails [VIDEO] twitter  fc

Paris Attack Leader Said He Slipped in With 90 Extremists twitter  fc

Saudi Arabia ready to take part in any US-led ground operations in Syria – military spokesman twitter  fc

Palin/Trump Blast Cruz Over Dirty Politics twitter  fc

Think Merkel isn’t in trouble? Look at these charts. twitter  fc

Cringe-worthy: Jeb Bush Begs Audience to Clap twitter  fc

Russia ‘simulated a nuclear strike’ against Sweden, Nato admits twitter  fc

Cassini Finds Saturn’s Rings Are Weirdly Thin twitter  fc

Condoleezza Rice Aides, Colin Powell Also Got Classified Info on Personal Emails twitter  fc

Border agent: ‘We might as well abolish our immigration laws altogether’ twitter  fc

Zika Virus Was Patented In 1947 By Rockefeller Foundation twitter  fc

Countries Sign The TPP… Whatever Happened To The ‘Debate’ We Were Promised Before Signing? twitter  fc

Poll: National GOP Race a 3-Way Tie, Donald Trump Drops twitter  fc

US Military’s F-35 Still Dogged with ‘deficiencies’: Report twitter  fc

Trump Critic: You’re Racist If You’re Against Welfare twitter  fc

US Pledges $890 Million to Syria Aid Effort twitter  fc

Clinton’s Coronation Becomes a Grind twitter  fc

Black Lives Matter Activist Deray McKesson Runs to be Baltimore mayor twitter  fc

Flint Michigan Criminals Grilled On The Hill twitter  fc

Texas Prosecutor Offers Probation to Anti-abortion Activist Behind Video twitter  fc

How Feminists React to Rape twitter  fc

Nebraska Professor Exposes Worldwide Human Trafficking Epidemic twitter  fc

Shocking! Judge Tazes Man in Court Because He “Continued To Speak When Ordered To Stop” twitter  fc

Julian Assange is in arbitrary detention, UN panel finds twitter  fc

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Funcionarios de comercio firmaron el TPP, pero depende de los legisladores el rechazarlo twitter  fc

Maryland Bill Would Protect Consumers’ Free Speech from Bad Contracts (H.B. 131) twitter  fc

Trade Officials Sign the TPP But It's Still Up to Lawmakers to Reject It twitter  fc

UK’s Investigatory Powers Bill: Loopholes Within Loopholes Will Lead to Unbridled Surveillance twitter  fc

Estamos con Diego. ¡Apoyemos el Acceso Abierto! twitter  fc