FOXNEWS lowers threshold for early debate... twitter  fc


GA Residents Frightened After Black Child's Birthday Party Interrupted By Armed White Men... twitter  fc




Freed Illegal Charged With Rape, Murder, Attempted Murder... twitter  fc

Feds Told Local Sheriff To Free Him... twitter  fc

Culture shock, language woes face Somali refugees in Portland... twitter  fc


Trump schools Republican establishment... twitter  fc

NFL: Brady ordered cell phone destroyed... twitter  fc

10,000 texts... twitter  fc

Circus leaves everyone deflated... twitter  fc


CLAIM: Mind-Blowing Temp Fraud At NOAA... twitter  fc

From rents to haircuts, Americans start to feel price hikes... twitter  fc

Home ownership rates lowest since 1967... twitter  fc

'I AM CAIT' Debuts Soft in Ratings... twitter  fc

Transgender murder leaves community fearful and angry... twitter  fc

Newsroom jobs slip to lowest level on record... twitter  fc

Wages drop 10% in one year... twitter  fc

County on manhunt for drone operators who interfered with firefighters... twitter  fc

Sri Lanka ties with GOOGLE for Internet -- beamed from balloons... twitter  fc

Still offline: USA non-web users at 15%... twitter  fc

L.A. Gangs' Hashtag Bet: Kill 100 People in 100 Days... twitter  fc

TWITTER FADE... twitter  fc



The missing emails no one can explain... twitter  fc

$600 haircut puts BERGDORF on lockdown... twitter  fc

Zimbabwean officials: American wanted in killing of Cecil the lion... twitter  fc

Dentist from Minnesota goes into hiding... twitter  fc

Landscaper Gets Year In Prison For Running Over Family Of Ducks With Lawnmower... twitter  fc


OBAMA: 'I COULD WIN A THIRD TERM'... twitter  fc

'Hometown' in Africa Angry Over Snub... twitter  fc

IRS Used Instant Messaging System to Hide Internal Communications... twitter  fc

Failed to Search Five of Six Locations for Lois Lerner Emails... twitter  fc

Rare Condition Causes Neurologist To Feel Patients' Pain... twitter  fc

STUDY: Bullies Have Higher Self-Esteem, Social Status, Lower Depression Rates... twitter  fc

Military sees more use of laser, microwave weapons... twitter  fc


TO THE MOON 'IN 4 HOURS'... twitter  fc

'STAR TREK impulse drive'... twitter  fc

UPDATE: Bigger earthquakes rattle Oklahoma... twitter  fc

MCDONALD'S losing fierce fast-food fight... twitter  fc

Jon Stewart secret White House visits... twitter  fc

Michael Moore Surprises with New 'Stealth' Film... twitter  fc

Ex-prison guard accused of forcing inmates to have sex... twitter  fc

STUDY: Now STANDING At Work Harmful To Health... twitter  fc

FACEBOOK Ordered by EU Regulator to Allow Pseudonyms... twitter  fc

Use of Facial-Recognition Tool Draws Privacy Concerns... twitter  fc

Reality TV stars 'shot at by ISIS' in Syria... twitter  fc

Recruitment doc seeks Armageddon-like 'end of world'... twitter  fc

Florida Man Arrested in ISIS-Inspired Backpack Nail Bomb Plot, FBI Says twitter  fc

City Leasing Clinic to Planned Parenthood for $1 Per Year twitter  fc

New DEA Leader: Pot Probably Not as Bad as Heroin twitter  fc

IRS Failed to Search Five of Six Locations for Lois Lerner Emails twitter  fc

Winter Soldiers and Killer Robots In Your Future twitter  fc

Homeownership reaches lowest level in 50 years twitter  fc

Planned Parenthood Demands Media Not Air Damning Footage twitter  fc

NASA tells lawmakers to brace for more Pluto secrets revealed by mission twitter  fc

Don’t Let Obama Make GMO Labeling Illegal twitter  fc

MS-13, Violent Street Gangs Recruiting Newly Arrived Illegal Youth twitter  fc

Planned Parenthood: Baby Murder for Money twitter  fc

Obama Draws Criticism for Saying Ethiopia Is Democratic twitter  fc

IRS Used Instant Messaging System to Hide Internal Communications twitter  fc

NSA Doesn’t Want Court That Found Phone Dragnet Illegal to Actually Do Anything About It twitter  fc

EFF asks judge to rule NSA spying on Internet backbone undermines 4th Amendment twitter  fc

Law Enforcement Agency’s Big Announcement Reveals Obama’s 2nd Amendment Attacks Have Backfired Big Time twitter  fc

Banks Tracking Physical Location of Customers twitter  fc

9/11 Truther heckles Donald Trump during campaign event twitter  fc

Local Governments Increasingly Poking Through Your Garbage twitter  fc

Pet Food Sold in U.S. is Produced by Slave Labor in Thailand twitter  fc

Here’s The Politicians Who Were Paid to Make GMO Labeling Illegal twitter  fc

US State Department to Release 5,000 Pages of Documents on Benghazi Attacks twitter  fc

Democrats Still Won’t Say Whether They Support Planned Parenthood Investigation twitter  fc

Illegal Immigrants Outnumber Unemployed Americans twitter  fc

New Drunk Driving Legislation Could Require Breathalyzers in All New Cars twitter  fc

One That Won’t Make Headlines: Man With Concealed Carry Permit Prevents Mass Shooting twitter  fc

Windows Of Perception: Special Report twitter  fc

Alex Jones Reports From England On The Globalist Takeover Of Europe twitter  fc

Obama Tells Snowden to “Come Home, Be Judged” twitter  fc

Russia Names US NGO ‘Undesirable’ twitter  fc

Wendy’s Ditching Chicken Antibiotics in New Test twitter  fc

If Spending Is Our Military Strategy, Our Strategy Is Bankrupt twitter  fc

In the Twitterverse, TSA Gets a Really Bad Rap twitter  fc

Bernie Sanders Has a Super Tuesday Problem twitter  fc

2nd Person Dies in Houston Police Custody in 2 Weeks, Officials Say twitter  fc

How President Obama Loathes Americans twitter  fc

VIDEO: Obama Tells Africans “I’m a Pretty Good President… If I Ran Again, I Could Win” twitter  fc

Ivana Trump rejects rape allegations, says she and Donald Trump are ‘the best of friends’ twitter  fc

Copper, China And World Trade Are All Screaming That The Next Economic Crisis Is Here twitter  fc

The Dark Side of China’s Heavy-handed Response to its Plunging Stock Markets twitter  fc

Third Planned Parenthood Video Released: Whistleblower Reveals “It’s Basically A Huge Trafficking Of Fetal Tissues” twitter  fc

Imperfect Vaccines Could Make Viruses More Dangerous twitter  fc

Critics Trounce Hillary Clinton and Her Sexual Predator Husband twitter  fc

Report: Bank Tells Third Party When Customers Physically Visited twitter  fc

CLAIM: Tommy Robinson Imprisoned to Stop Muhammed Cartoon Contest, UK Cops Won’t Deny twitter  fc

Migrants Jump Off Boat, Run Ashore, During Miami Beach Fashion Shoot (VIDEO) twitter  fc

Video shows Hillary Clinton boarding private jet just hours after launching global-warming push twitter  fc

University Professor Says Ebola is a Genetically Modified, Lab-Made Virus twitter  fc

Now Is The Time – Fear Rises As Financial Markets All Over The Planet Start To Crash twitter  fc

PHOTOS, VIDEO: French Women Hold BIKINI PROTEST After Muslim Mob Beats Sunbather in Park twitter  fc

Hillary Clinton: Where Prisons, Politics and Profits Converge twitter  fc

Corporations Own and Write The Laws twitter  fc

Cop Caught on Private Dashcam Threatening to “Blow a Hole” in Driver’s “F**king Head” During Stop twitter  fc

Obama pushing for ‘largest gun grab in American history’: NRA twitter  fc

US Behind Migration Crisis in Europe – Putin twitter  fc

Obama’s Kenyan Brother: Barack ‘Is Not An Honest Man’ twitter  fc

Hillary Clinton: Where Prisons, Politics and Profits Converge twitter  fc

Hacker Reveals Details Behind Planned Parenthood Breach twitter  fc

Forget Trump and Bernie: Here’s Why Clinton or Bush Will Be the Next President twitter  fc

Experts: “Racist” Killer Robots Could Conduct Ethnic Cleansing Campaigns twitter  fc

Ice Cream Shop Serves Abortion-inspired Flavor for Planned Parenthood Fundraiser twitter  fc

Three-year-old child from London placed in government anti-extremism program twitter  fc

Turkey to Build Moat, Fly Surveillance Balloons on Border With ISIS twitter  fc

Dashcam Video Shows Medford Police Officer Threatening Driver twitter  fc

A Terrorism Expert’s Secret Relationship with the FBI twitter  fc

Arms Embargo Should Be Lifted To Fight Islamic State, Libyan Government Says twitter  fc

Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking, Steve Wozniak Say No To Skynet, Call For AI Weapons Ban twitter  fc

The Stock Market’s Ugly Truth – Only 6 Stocks Matter twitter  fc

Dow Jones Industrial Average Sinks 100 Points After Chinese Stocks Tumble 8.5% In Shanghai Index twitter  fc

Sanders Visits Louisiana, Talks Civil Rights, Gun Control twitter  fc

North Korea to U.S.: We Will Beat You twitter  fc

DEA Gives Workers’ Comp to Questionable Drug Informants twitter  fc

Agenda 21: We’re Being Conquered By Banks, Not Tanks twitter  fc

Washington Post Columnist: Air Conditioning is Sexist twitter  fc

Justice Department Tries to Limit Inspectors General Access to Government Documents twitter  fc

Georgia Sues Man for Posting Annotated State Laws Online twitter  fc

Rand Paul Vows To Fight Against “Gruesome” Planned Parenthood twitter  fc

IMF warns of gloomy eurozone outlook twitter  fc

Obama Criticizes Tone of 2016 Presidential Debate twitter  fc

Greek Capital Controls To Remain For Months As Germany Pushes For Bail-In Of Large Greek Depositors twitter  fc

After 8 Yrs., $360 Mil Border Drones Fail; DHS Asks Congress for Another $443 Mil twitter  fc

#BlackLivesMatter but not at Planned Parenthood twitter  fc

Porn websites visited 250,000 times on parliament computers twitter  fc

Gun Free Zone signs Come Down in Alabama twitter  fc

Universities are using data analytics to assess a student’s mental health and much more twitter  fc

Hillary Clinton Campaign Starts Black Lives Matter Outreach: Report twitter  fc

Army Chief Blames Obama for Rise of ISIS twitter  fc

Feds Spend $222,172 Studying How Men Look at Women When They Drink twitter  fc

Fiat Chrysler Hit With Record $105 Million Fine twitter  fc

New California: Mass Immigration Turning Virginia Blue twitter  fc

Yellen is playing her own ‘House of Cards’ – and you will foot the bill twitter  fc

Planned Parenthood official says no profit from fetal organs twitter  fc

Senators give medical marijuana the green light twitter  fc

Former Finance Minister Reveals Cloak and Dagger ‘Plan B’ for Greece, Awaits Treason Charges twitter  fc

Sen. Rand Paul: My Pro-choice Friends Horrified by Planned Parenthood Videos twitter  fc

Video shows cop pepper spray ‘Black Lives Matter’ crowd twitter  fc

Forget Trump and Bernie: Here’s Why Clinton or Bush Will Be the Next President twitter  fc

Liberals Sign Petition to Impose 10% “Male Privilege Tax” twitter  fc

The Persecution Of Christians Is Intensifying As Anti-Christian Hatred Sweeps The Entire World twitter  fc

Do We Need to Bring Back Internment Camps? twitter  fc

:: EFF News ::

Secret TPP Talks Continue at a Luxury Hotel in Hawaii as the Deal Grows More Controversial twitter  fc

Ethiopia Promises Reform, But Has a Long Way To Go on Civil Liberties twitter  fc

Stop CISA Week of Action: EFF Joins Over 60 Organizations and Companies Opposing CISA twitter  fc

Public Interest Groups and Over a Thousand Users Call on the Copyright Office to Affirm Its Call for Sensible Copyright Policy twitter  fc

The Crypto Wars Have Gone Global twitter  fc